Training Principles:

Constant, Consistent, and using Clear Communication.

Our philosophy at Hound & Co. in Southampton, NY is that dog training is a continuous pursuit. Life has a constant supply of variables, situations, and distractions. Our goal as trainers is to help you and your dog develop the tools necessary to successfully navigate anything you may encounter. 

When developing a training program, we focus on what you expect from your dog and what they should expect from you. Whether you have a puppy and are looking for a basic obedience foundation, or have an older dog and are look to curb some bad habits or learn new things, our focus is to make working together a positive, stimulating experience. 

Method: Our method uses a modern, behavioral science based approach to dog training. Rather than harsh punishments and corrections, our goal is to achieve the desired results through problem solving together, which can greatly increase the human-animal bond.

If you are interested in training with us please call or email to setup a free evaluation and to discuss your dog training needs.